2016-Alas Surf Club

The surf club and classes are coordinated with “Choco’s Escula de Surf”.

All children as of 5 years old, that know how to swim, are eligible to be part of the club. We want to start training 3 categories with 8 children in the first trimester in 2017.

“Surf is the exact same thing as life. There is low and high tide, you need to be patient, choose the right wave, try again if you fall and most important always paddle hard to be able to stand up and enjoy the ride”

This is what we want to teach the kids. Our aim is forming a united group of motivated, dedicated and disciplined children and teenager, which have fun training hard, experience adventures together, become familiar with other places then Samara, get to know new people and friends with the same interest, that are able to grow on failure and allow them to have may positive experiences and successes.

To ensure the kids and teenager have concrete objective and goal we want to bring them to the “Circuito Guanacasteco” where they will compete with other children and teenagers from Costa Rica. The Circuito Guanacasteco is a tournament of 5 competition at the pacific coast that take place in Playa Tamarindo, Playa Negra, Playa Avellana, Playa Marbella and Guiones each year from January to May.

(1 competition per month and all beaches a max. of 4h away from Palya Sámara)