Parents wishing to enroll their children should call to arrange an appointment, to discuss mutual expectations and further collaboration. It’s very important to us that all parents are convinced about our program, philosophy and education method. This is in order to enjoy their absolute confidence and work in serenity and calmness. It’s our aim that the education staff and the parents form a unity and help each other with the education of the children.

The number of children we receive is limited. To make sure we have sufficient education staff, the place of the child must be reserved upfront. We do not allow spontaneous drop-ins. We ask the parents to fill out and sign the registration form and bring needed documents before the child join us the first day.

Documents that must be submitted before the child comes to us for the first time:

  • Passport Picture
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of the pediatrician for development, hearing test and eating behaviors (copy of the children’s book used in Costa Rica)
  • Copy of vaccination pass
  • Signed registration form


All children must wear the T-shirt with the logo from the Association. We do offer different colors and shapes – all shirts are 100% cotton. Parents can buy them directly with us.
Coast 6500.00 Colones / 12US Dollar

Parents please bring

  • Enough diapers – if needed
  • Wet wipes
  • Exchange clothes such as fresh t-shirt and trousers/skirt, underwear for changing
  • Favorite toy, sleeping towel or stuffed animal so the child feel comfortable
  • Any medicine the child may need to take (written instructions for dosage and time)
  • Sunblocker and Hat
  • A full water bottle
  • We have morning snack (9:30AM), lunch (12:00AM) and afternoon snack (02:30PM) together. Please bring your children’s food for time she/he spends with us. (Due to different diets, possible allergies, and parent’s nutrition plans we do not offer meals)

We please ask the parents to respect the following rules:

  • Children should be bathed in fresh clothes (clean trousers, t-shirt or dress, combed hair and brushed teeth).
  • The children must wear the uniform T-shirt as well as a pair of trousers or skirt and sandals or tennis shoes
  • Parents must inform us personally, should the child be picked up by another person who is not registered and authorized in the registration form.
  • Children who are ill (having a fever, giving themselves or diarrhea) can not participate in the class. In this case, the parents should inform us in the morning that the child does not come.
  • Please inform us in advance if you leave for holidays or will be absent