2016-Our Model

The project “Alas para Niños de Sámara” includes an education-, sport- and development program.

The daycare is for children from 1 to 5 years, the surf club is for children from 5 years, the swimming program for children from 3 years, and tutoring lessons are for all ages.

Sustainability: How to deal courageously with difficult life situations. Brave children that experience and recognize the world and themselves as positive, empower not only themselves, but also their families and the society.

Encouraging to life: Strengthen personality and self-confidence of kids and teenagers especially through sports and music.


Our 5 supporting pillars

  • Positive relationships
  • Promoting and demanding skills
  • Orientation – convey goals and values
  • To be a good person – civil courage
  • Joy of life and a Sense of life – Wonder, Creativity