2016-Sports & Development

Facts from studies that examined the positive influence from and development from children that practice sports confirm that:

  • The probability that children who learn and enjoy to be physically active in an early stage of life is big, that they will do sports and have a healthier life as an adult
  • Voluntary and lasting physical activities, promote the development of new nerve cells and consequently also the studying and memory process
  • Better coordination abilities take positive influence on cognitive- and fine motor skills
  • Sport in an early stage of life help regulating the movement, team and nutrition skills
  • Sport help children having a stronger body – higher bone density, increased physical strength, stronger tendons and ligaments)
  • Positive influence on weight and Body Mass index (BMI)
  • A safe coordination and a distinctive body consciousness help accident prevention
  • Good developed fine and gross motor skills are essential requirements for the development of intellectual, social and language abilities

Accompanying the daily activities at the day care we want to promote and offer a sport and development program for all children and teenagers in Sámara and its surroundings. We want to inspire, motivate and support them to be able and enjoy body movement. Give them the chance for a healthy life and keep them away from drugs and aimless leisure time, which is and huge issue right now in town.

Living in a beach town where the ocean takes a lot of impact in our lives, we want to open the first surf club and offer swimming classes that are accessible to all the children.

We want the children and teenager to have aims and goal they absolutely want to achieve, be disciplined and the power to fight challenges and difficult situation and being able to celebrate successes. Our goal is that they can use their qualities in their future adult live and keep celebrating positive experiences.