2016-Structure and Methodology

The method of the 7 basic tests was introduced 1958 from Schwimsports.ch in the Swiss Swim sport and has learned thousands of children the art of swimming since. This very famous and successful method, is used at schools and private swim clubs allover Switzerland. Convinced that this method is the most advanced and best adapted to the children’s need we want to introduce it in our Swim tuition program. Our aim is to have a teacher from Switzerland coming to Sámara and teach our team of future swimming trainer. This to ensure we have best knowledge of practice and ensure the quality of the classes.

Based on the 7 basic tests we want to offer a well structures, purposeful and modern swimming class for children as of 4 year old.

The child / teenager will learn to swim chest, back and crawl in a beginner form, followed by different swimmy test, which will give the children and teenager the possibility to develop their knowledge and abilities in the water.

The 7 Basic Tests

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Swim Tests 1-8

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