2016-Surf Classes


  • Dolphin (5 to 10 years old Girls and Boys) – The young surfer learn with lots of diversion and games the art of surf. During the competition the child goes with the trainer or a parent in the ocean, who is allowed to place and push the child into the wave. The child then need to stand up and surf the wave on his own.
  • Mini Grommets (10 to 13 years old Girls and Boys) – The goal of the classes it that the kids have fun and learn about their body alibies, get self-confident and learn to respect the ocean. They enter alone in the water, learn catching the right waves and techniques.
  • Girls and Boys (13 to 16 Jahre – different groups at competition) – The training in that category is very structured and more competition oriented. The concurrence in this group is very high and the training structured accordingly.
  • Talent promotion Girls and Boys (17+) – The talents of the group will be identified from the leading trainer and have an additional training. Teenager older than 17 years old who are highly motivated to continue in following the competitions will be supported within the talent group.


The trainings contain accordingly to the age and abilities of the children, water training, physical condition, muscle construction, yoga, theory and first aid course.

Weather Conditions

During the rainy season and if it’s not possible to train on the beach, the children and teenager will have complementary training for techniques, balance, yoga and first aid sensibility at the day care location.