2016-Swim Classes

During discussions with local parents we acknowledged that 70% of the children in Samara never learned how to swim or have very poor knowledge. Main reason is because parents don’t know how to swim and accordingly can’t teach it to their children. As well we don’t have a public swimming pool in Samara, where they could go and the ocean isn’t a good place to learn. We want to change this and make it possible for all the children to come and learn this very important skill and requirement to be part of the surf club and introduce a very successful learning method that is used in Switzerland.

Benefits of the program

  • Accident prevention
  • Development of body coordination and neurological motor
  • Promote independence and autonomy
  • Promote a healthy body sensation and wellbeing
  • Increase physical strength
  • Prevent illness

Besides the physical advantages, the swimming tuition is also a help for teenagers to find a job and have a career. Tour guide is a popular activity in Samara and many tours take place in or around the water. Swimming is therefore a requirement and necessary ability to be able to provide activities such as kayak tours for example.

In top of the personal and physical development swimming bring several health related benefits such as:

  • Weight control and overweight prevention
  • Reduce blood sugar and take positive influence for people with diabetics
  • Increase the capacity of physical effort and better cardiovascular conditions
  • Develop a better coordination, agility and physical strength
  • Swimming take positive influence regarding the social competence and solidarity of the children and it can save lives in case of an emergency situation as first aid is part of the program

Implementation of courses

The classes will be coordinated depending on the registration and age of the children and teenagers.

Once the child or teenager has achieved the different tests he/she will receive an emblem that can be stitched on the bathing suit.


Based on the 70% of children and teenager that can’t or have very poor swimming knowledge, we do have a potential of 800 children from 4 to 19 years old, who can benefit of the program. We count with the same amount of children from Carrillo, Torito, Buena Vista und San Fernando which are villages in the surrounding of Sámara.