2016-The Association: Background and Foundation

Sámara is a small and idyllic beach village on the Peninsula Nicoya in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The village has approximately 4300 inhabitants, which make their living with agriculture, fishing and primary tourism. Guanacaste enjoys a high degree of foreign investments but still is one of the poorest regions in Costa Rica with the highest rates of poverty and unemployment. Official statistics confirm that 40.9% of families live in poverty and a not known but large number of families, life near the limit of existence and in poor conditions.

So far, the leisure and sport activities for children and teenager in Sámara is very limited and the low income of the families has the consequence, that parents don’t have the possibility to financially support any free time activity or hobbies of their children.

The majority of the families live and depend on tourism. On one hand side very positive, as it generates a lot of job opportunities but on the other hand side it present an issue, as prices to cover the basic existence have been extremely raised and keep increasing, as well people lose their job during the rainy season.

A concrete example: A waitress or waiter earns approximately 1400 colones per hour (=2.60$) which represent an approximate income of 450 $ a month. A simple and ordinary 2 bedroom apartment cost at least 450.00 US Dollar per month. Coasts for groceries, hygiene articles and children’s needs such as pampers for example coast easily 90.00 US Dollar per week. Thus it’s obvious, that lots of families have a hard time to survive and cover the basic needs. Accordingly, money to finance a day care or hobbies of the children is for most families not available.

The day care “Guarderia Amapola” was founded in 2015 and is the first daycare that receive children as of one year old. Today we welcome up to 14 children a day. During the past year lots of families in need of a day care, came to visit and even if they liked our place and services, the final registration couldn’t happen, due to the quote to pay, that parent can’t afford. With the gathered experience, researches and interactions with local parents we are aware of the urgent need of a day care and free time activities and want to help families and their children realizing the project “Alas para niños de Sámara”

In Sámara we have 308 children from 0-4 years, 287 aged 5-9 years, 285 aged 10-14 years and 335 from 15 to 19 years old. That is a total of 1215 kids, only in the close neighborhood, we want to support and help.

The project shall grant through scholarships an affordable day care for families in Sámara and its surroundings, offer a lasting education, sport and leisure activities for children and teenager, as well as offer job opportunities with a faire remuneration and conditions for employees.

At the moment, we have a small nursery school, which is also used as a residential house and for which we pay very high rent, incidental and maintenance costs. Since we are expecting a great increase in children and enthusiasm for the sports program, we must first provide the necessary basic conditions such as accommodation and sports equipment.

To realize this project, we are dependent on any help, support and sponsors. Private individuals, companies and social organizations and institutions can make their contribution!