2016-Year Plan

Monthly Themes 2016/2017

Every month we do have a topic that help to surround the general education topics such as:

  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Language development
  • Math’s basics
  • Social education
  • Emotional development
  • Morality development

Individual learning units are planned and implemented daily. What matters to us it the connection and acting of the child in his environment.

Our education contains: handicraft, poems, singing, talks, games around the different senses, motion games, narrating, moving exercises, dancing, yoga, special adventures in the nature, reading time, fantasy journeys, rhythm, finger play, drawing, experimenting, physical education


New kids, new friends – when one door opens

Getting to know rules and habits • Making friends • Discovering the new environment • Welcoming the new kids, making it easy for them • Taking responsibility • Helping each other • Taking on new rolls • Helpfulness and accepting others • Different languages and cultures • Tolerance • I can be who I want to be • Friends • Help and helping • Consoling

Special themes:
09 September Children’s day – We are having a special breakfast and celebrate with a piñata
14 September Torch parade through the town – The kids craft torches and we join the parade in the town.
15 September Costa Rica’s independence day – Decorating the house in Costa Rica’s national colors, raising flags, singing the national anthem, traditional dances and music


Collecting beautiful pieces from the nature

Handcrafting decorations • Being thankful and grateful for the nature • Vegetation, what grows where? • Walks through the town and at the beach • Calmness practice with shells • Observing nature and environment • Getting to know the jungle • Why is there jungle, what does it do and who lives in it? • Exploring animals, trees and bushes in the forest in a playful way • What animals live in the jungle? • Importance of the jungle for it’s inhabitants

Special themes:
Halloween (phantoms and ghosts) – Craft pumpkins out of different materials, disguise and join the trick and treat activity in town


Welcome dear dry season

Light and shadows • bright and dark • day and night

Color games with water colors • combination with music (bright and dark sounds) • sound experiments • catch shadows • searching for light and shadows in the nature • silent exercise with candle • I don’t fear the darkness • woods: night active animals



Santa Claus is coming to visit us • get prepared for Santa • celebrating Santa Claus • Christmas stories • role play, topic: Advent, what’s Christmas • silent time – we do exercise and learn to be silent in a group • help each other • get Christmas party prepared • Christmas in different countries • Ritual: we open a door on the Christmas calendar every day • meditation and light rhythmic

We sing Christmas songs and learn poems • we think on people that may aren’t as fortunate as we are • we celebrate Christmas with parents, grandparents and friends and have some drinks and snacks

Special activities for advent days: Make cookies on our own, create Christmas cards and gifts


A new year starts

New Year greetings • days of the week • children’s birth date • calendar • name of months • year circle • the moon and his phases



Cultures form other countries • we dress up • paint faces and disguise our self (corner with different costumes) • funny songs and poems


Easter is coming

Learn about Easter and its tradition • traditions from different countries • Easter symbols • Craft Easter nest and eggs

Special Activity: Hide and find ester eggs in the garden


Water – Hello rainy season

Water is precious • water games • water experiments • silent exercise with water • water art • dumping exercise for fine motor skills • the ocean • drinking water


My family

Family members • role of family members • connection • big and small families • parties and celebrations • professions • duties of family members


My body is mine

Learn about the perception organs • body hygiene • washing tees • children learn about their bodies as well as to tell no if they don’t like something in order to promote their self-estimate

Special day:
19 June Father’s day – Craft card and gift


Fruits and Vegetables

Health education • get to know local fruits and vegetables • do a fruit salad • counting fruits • go for groceries • what’s a healthy nutrition • where does the fruits and vegetables grow

Tactile perception training – feel and taste

Special day:
25 of July – Annexation of Guanacaste to Costa Rica – Sharing a traditional breakfast, Decorating the house in Costa Rica’s national colors, raising flags, singing the national anthem, traditional dances and music


Domestic pets

Information about domestic pets • reading stories • care of domestic pets • responsibilities • children can bring pictures of their animals • songs about animals

Special day:
15 of August Mother’s day – Craft card and gift

Children’s birthday

The birthday is a very special and exciting day for every child. The birthday child is the focus of the day and is celebrated by the whole group. Children need repetitions and rituals which give them security and for that reason our birthday parties always follow the same pattern.

Gift: Each child is given a small gift.

The parents of the birthday child bring a healthy snack for the whole group. The “healthy dessert” is made by the kindergarten teacher or tutor and decorated with fruit by the children.

The children can prepare this snack and arrange a nice buffet where the children can serve themselves.

The birthday party takes place in the kitchen of the kindergarten. Photos are taken. Songs as sung. Every child may wish the birthday child something. After the snack, the birthday child is allowed to decide how to design the rest of the day’s activities.