Day Care and Preschool

Our program is for children from Sámara, its’ neighboring villages, children from Intercultura Language school and tourist children visiting Sámara. We offer a high quality, early education, and care program in a stimulating and safe environment. We support parents as they pursue family responsibilities, work, and education. Our main focus is the social and linguistic inclusion of children from disadvantaged families, through a financially accessible school.

Our association is a valuable supplement to the family; a place to play, learn and flourish.

Our aim is to complement what children learn at home by providing a caring and nurturing environment in which children feel supported and encouraged to learn. The association “Wings for Children in Sámara” includes an education, development and sports programs.

At the Daycare and Preschool, we receive children from 1 year up until they join 1st grade, the surf club is for children 5 years and up and the swim classes are for children 3 and up. We provide tutoring classes for all levels.