Tell me, and I will not forget about it.
Show me, and I will remember it.
Let me do it myself, and I will understand it.

We aim to:

  • create an atmosphere were children feel safe
  • develop the children’s ability to connect with other people and promote social skills that allow the children to make and strengthen stable relationships and develop resilience to life changes
  • promote a healthy self-, social-, method- and material competence of every child
  • foster positive feeling in the children about their own skills, linked with positive expectations in view of further events or challenges (awake personal effectiveness)
  • offer space for common actives while giving enough free space to everyone
  • promote a harmonious, collaborative environment in which children learn to be “team players” and work together
  • promote positive communication; by creating a space for a constructive exchange
  • awaken the children’s awareness of nature and the environment they live in
  • celebrate cultural traditions and celebrations throughout the year
  • strengthen the conviction of the children, to actively influence events and situation (internal controlling conviction) and offer the children opportunities to make their own decisions
  • develop creativity through hands-on experiments
  • encourage achievement, learn power of endurance and raise frustration tolerance
  • develop social competences, encourage and be an example of moral courage