The registration for locals costs 65’000 CRC. It’s a one time fee that has to be paid at the begining of the school year. The child has to wear the uniform from school.

Monthly fee 2018 (valid as of January 8th)

3 Days per Week
4 Hours 62’000.00 Colones
5 Hours 78’000.00 Colones
6 Hours 94’000.00 Colones
7 Hours 110’000.00 Colones

4 Days per Week
4 Hours 83’000.00 Colones
5 Hours 104’000.00 Colones
6 Hours 125’000.00 Colones
7 Hours 146’000.00 Colones

Monday to Friday
4 Hours 105’000.00 Colones
5 Hours 132’000.00 Colones
6 Hours 158’000.00 Colones
7 Hours 175’000.00 Colones


  • The montly fee has to be paid at latest until the 5th of every month.
  • No refund for day the child didn’t attend classes for
    • Sickness
    • Personal reasons
    • During bank or school holidays
    • If the school is closed due to a professional development raining the techer have to attend
  • The monthly fee also has to be paid in case the child does not attend classes for holidays outside the official school hoildays
  • If the monthly fee remains unpaid for two months, the child’s reservation will be suspended

Parents that would like to apply for a scholarship please get in touch with the school director to obtain more information and documents.

Visitors and Students from Intercultura Language School

Per Day
4 Hours 24’000.00 Colones
5 Hours 30’000.00 Colones
6 Hours 36’000.00 Colones
7 Hours 42’000.00 Colones

Per Week
4 Hours, Monday to Friday 114’000.00 Colones
5 Hours, Monday to Friday 143’000.00 Colones
6 Hours, Monday to Friday 171’000.00 Colones
7 Hours, Monday to Friday 199’000.00 Colones