Regular Donations

Sámara’s children need you. With a regular donation, you allow children from financially disadvantaged families to join our school and sports program.

Many families in the region are caught in the vicious circle of poverty: The low family income and the lacking education enable the parents to support and promote their children scholastically. Without this support, the children stay behind or completely miss the classes. Without a good education, the children won´t be able to find work and the circle of poverty continues for them.

With regular donations and a school-hours-godparenthood, you can help us to break this circle.
With a monthly donation of 290.00 US Dollars during a year you allow a child to attend our school classes full-time.

Wings for Children in Sámara – Your donation makes it happen!

Please choose the easiest way for you to do it. You have the possibility to donate via Bank transfer or Paypal. You also can support us on regular basis and help with a school-hours-godparenthood.

Our Bank account for donations via transfer:

Receptor: Association Alas para Niños – Switzerland
Account: CH47 8089 6000 0036 1800 2
BC: 80896
Swift: RAIFCH22

Raiffeisenbank See – Lac
3212 Gurmels, Switzerland

Message: Your full name, direction, and email

Or donate via Paypal.
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Donations to us are tax-deductible For donations more than 100.00 US Dollars you receive automatically a donation confirmation from us if you give us your full name, address, and email to be in touch with you.