The water and the ocean have a huge impact in our community and lives. In addition to the school’s educational program, we offer children and school-age children from the region a sports and development program. We want to inspire them with sports and movement and establish sport as a meaningful leisure activity in their lives.

In order to be accepted and receive a scholarship, attendance and growth as an individual at school are mandatory.

Facts from studies that examined the positive influence and development from children that do sports confirm:

  • The probability that children who learn and enjoy being physically active in the early stages of life, will also enjoy sports and have a healthier life as an adult is high
  • Voluntary and lasting physical activities, promote the development of new nerve cells and consequently the studying and memorization process
  • Better coordination abilities positively influence cognitive- and fine motor skills
  • Sports in an early stage of life help regulate movement, team and nutrition skills
  • Sports help children have a stronger body – higher bone density, increased physical strength, stronger tendons, and ligaments
  • Positive influence on weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Coordination and a distinctive body consciousness help accident prevention
  • Developed fine and gross motor skills are essential requirements for the development of intellectual, social and language abilities