The joy of swimming is the center of attention during the lessons. The children should feel comfortable and safe in the water. The well-being of the children and a clear structure, in order to properly learn how to swim, are amongst our top goals. To achieve this goal we apply a well-known method in Switzerland called, the 7 Basic Swim tests. They are cancer, seahorse, frog, penguin, cuttlefish, crocodile, and Ice bear.

70% of the children in Samara never learned how to swim or swim poorly. The main reason is that parents don’t know how to swim and accordingly can’t teach it to their children

Besides the physical advantages, the swimming tuition is also a way for teenagers to find a job and have a career. Tour guiding is a popular activity in Sámara and many tours take place in or around the water. Swimming is, therefore, a requirement and necessary ability to be able to provide activities such as kayak tours for example.